TAACA is an association of appellate court attorneys in Texas. As per our bylaws, our members are Texas lawyers who are employed by the State of Texas and who are staff attorneys with an appellate court or retired from working at a Texas state appellate court and not engaged in private practice, as well as licensed attorneys currently who work at the Office of Court Administration.

Each year, TAACA's annual meeting and conference is held in Austin, Texas, typically the day before the State Bar of Texas's "Advanced Civil Appellate Practice" CLE, and with the support of the State Bar of Texas's Appellate Section.

To learn more about TAACA's history, see Cathy Cramer, Ten Years of TAACA: A Small History of Big Changes, Apr. 6, 2010

Current Executive Committee 2019–20

Matthew S. Compton (4th Court–San Antonio), President

David Vandenberg (8th Court-El Paso), President-Elect

Michael J. Ritter (4th Court–San Antonio), Immediate Past President

Hilaree Casada (5th Court–Dallas), Treasurer

Lisa West (2nd Court–Fort Worth), Secretary

Past Presidents

Michael Ritter (4th Court–San Antonio) 2018–19

Rick Bradley (10th Court–Waco) 2017–18

Shivali Sharma (6th Court–Texarkana) 2016–17

Carson Guy (Court of Criminal Appeals–Austin) 2015–16

Jenny Brannen (3rd Court-San Antonio), 2014–15

Tricia Askew (2nd Court-Fort Worth), 2013–14

Margot Stander, (1st Court-Houston) 2012–13

Andrew Monaco, (13th Court-Corpus Christi/Edinburg)  2011–12

Greta McFarling (4th Court–San Antonio), 2010–11

Cathy Cramer (Court of Criminal Appeals–Austin), 2009–10

Jenn Rosenblatt (4th Court–San Antonio), 2008–09

Clint Sare, 2007–08

Margaret Hussey (12th Court–Tyler), 2007-08

Karen Vowell Sales (4th Court–San Antonio), 2006–07

Deborah Young (9th Court–Beaumont), 2005–06

Alan Bennett(10th Court–Waco), 2004–05

Stacy Stanley (6th Court–Texarkana), 2003–04

Nancy Nutto Hughes, 2001–02

Brenda Norton, 2000–01

© Texas Association of Appellate Court Attorneys

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